Name: Lee Sinclair.



Location: ST Albans UK.


Music Genre: Drum & Bass/Jungle.


Currant Radio Shows 2018: 95.1fm Alternate Saturdays 16:00 – 18:00 London’s DnB Drive Time Show!


Dream FM Alternate Wednesdays 20:00 – 22:00 The MC Vision Show!


United Sounds Radio Alternate Wednesdays 20:00 – 22:00 Pure Filth!


Bloc2Bloc Tuesdays 18:00 – 19:00 Rollin Beatz Show!


Currant Night Club Residencies 2018:


Epidemik - UK

Highly Contagious - UK.

W10 Record Events - UK.

Rollin’ Beatz - UK / Ibiza.

V.I.P London - UK.

Vertigo - UK.

Raise The Roof - UK.

Origin Events - UK.

Shush - UK

Frontline Bass - UK

Caution - UK


Other Events 2018:


Proper – Milwaukee USA 19th June

Broken – Chicago USA 23rd June

Raise It Up 6th October London


Plus Many More!!!!!!!


Upcoming Events 2018/2019:


Fronline Bass – Luton Edge Night Club 7th December


Caution – Shefiled Bassbox 14th December  


Epidemik – Stevenage Flava Bar 15th December


Dirty Essex Beatz – Ilford/London Secret Location 26th January


Short Profile:


Lee first got on the decks at the young age of 11 at the local youth club and messed about with his mates over the years playing at private house parties.

But in September 2001 was when he first got his own set of vinyl decks and DJ Rollin’ was born by February 2002 he had his first Drum n Bass Set at an event called Levitation. DJ Rollin’ then went on to Play at DnB events all over the UK & Europe.

In 2004 He started a Radio Show Back to Back with DJ T-Phonic on Manic FM which was then voted UK’s best internet radio station 2004.

By August 2005 his love for the music scene had taken over so he decided to launch the Rollin’ Brand so he opened up a Record Shop in East Barnet North London called Rollin Records.

This Lead to Rollin Entertainment & Equipment Hire.  Where he put on Festivals, night club events and hired out PA Equipment to other club promoters.


So DJ Rollin’ branched out playing other styles of music House, Garage & Oldskool this lead on to bigger events and more Radio Shows.

Sadly in 2008 the record industry collapsed and Rollin’ Records closed down and Lee had some time out of the scene but carried on playing for pleasure and the odd event here and there.


In February 2015 Lee was asked to do a guest show on after the show he was asked if he would like to do the Drum n Bass take over show every Wednesday 8-10pm. But during the show he remembered what started his love for DJing was the fun the people you meet and get to know the laughs and of course the Bass and the Drums so this was the rebirth of DJ Rollin’ and he jumped at the chance to have his own radio show again and also decided to re-lunch one of his old nights Rollin’ Beatz the event was successful and put on many more times.


In 2016 DJ Rollin Finally went digital and got some CDJ’s as he was offered sets at clubs and wanted to play more up to date tracks but couldn’t do that on vinyl any more. But he still uses the digital equipment like the old decks no programs no tricks just his ears and touch. (In his words I’m a real DJ not a fake one where is the fun or achievement in pressing buttons!)


In December 2016 he was asked to play on London’s number one Drum & Bass Jungle & Oldskool station and again was offered his own show.


In 2017 DJ Rollin’s radio shows and residencies just got bigger and better even joining Rollin Beatz & together and putting on nights in the UK & Ibiza.


In 2018 Dj Rollin Has made himself a name not only on Radio with 3 new shows on Bloc2Bloc/Dose Radio/Dream FM also Guest shows on Rough Tempo/Next Generation/SVUK.

He is also opening his own radio station United Sounds Radio.

DJ Rollin’  has also been picked up by some of the UK’s Big Club Promoters! Also the winner of Subwoofer Recordings DJ competition.

And to top it off landed himself gigs in North America.

He also opened Up BnD Promotions with a successful first night in London called Represent Dnb London.


So over the last few years DJ Rollin’ has raised the bar with his quick 3 deck mixing skills and is getting more recognition. 2019 is set to be even bigger with his own music production & sets already booked across the UK.

DJ Rollin will also continue his 4 radio shows and residencies so follow DJ Rollin’ on Social Media for up to date information & Booking Information.








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